Popcorn Masala

Popcorn Masala

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As die-hard popcorn people, we can verify that this Popcorn Masala is the G.O.A.T. It is cheesy from nutritional yeast, umami from Pahadi Pink Garlic, just spicy enough from a combo of sweet and smoky chillies, and deeply earthy from Pragati Turmeric. It pairs beautifully with ghee, butter, or coconut oil for a truly next-level popcorn experience. Ingredients: Nutritional Yeast, Kesari Amchur, Pahadi Pink Garlic, Surya Salt, Black Salt, Jodhana Cumin, Pragati Turmeric, Sirārakhong Hāthei Chilli, Hariyali Fennel, Nandini Coriander, Madhur Jaggery, Hing, Dried Mint.

Pair with a beautiful bowl for the ultimate housewarming gift!

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